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Wedding Decor Place Cards

Wedding décor is all about making a statement. The florals, the lighting and the linens might be some of the most important elements of the décor but smaller items such as place cards and escort cards are equally important. The attention to details like these can create a huge difference. They act as a great addition to the overall aesthetics and drastically improve the décor. A place card is used to navigate the guests on the table to their respective seats. Often place cards are confused with escort cards. While they both a have a similar function place cards are different from escort cards. Escorts cards help the guest to reach to their designated table. On the other hand, place cards are used to indicate the exact seats where the guest would be seated.

If you have a fixed seating plan in mind, place cards can be a great help. They would allow each guest to settle in more swiftly without thinking which seat they want to choose. A place card usually rests on top of the folded napkin placed on the dinner plate. The reason for this is that place cards also used to indicate the meal preference of the guest to the server. Generally, a place card has the following information, A title, Guest Name, A symbol or color for meal preference and the table number.

Best Wedding Place Cards to Wow Your Guests

The need for place cards is imminent for a large to medium scale event where large amounts of guests would be pouring in but if you are having a smaller event, place cards seem to be redundant and not necessary as most people invited would be close friends and family who would anyway be sitting near you. In case of a bigger event, place cards alone would not be able to manage the chaos. You need to couple them with a seating chart or escort cards.

Escort cards as mentioned above are used to help the guests reach their tables. An escort card has the name of the arriving guest with the table number they are seated at. Usually, escort cards are placed at the entrance of the venue / reception. Each guest picks their escort card and move towards their respective table accordingly. Or you hire the venue staff to navigate each guest to their table as well. An alternative approach to this is using a seating chart which can also be placed at the entrance to inform the guests about their seating place. Seating charts are more efficient as they create less waste and do not require any staff to manage and can be easily changed.

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There are numerous place cards styles to choose from, you can have them printed or handwritten. If you want to be more fancy you can add calligraphy names and designs on the place card as well.



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