Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery is a vital part of wedding decor. There are a number of stationery items that are required for a wedding. This not only includes wedding invitations but you would require all sorts of stationery for RSVP cards, place cards and menus. Wedding stationery is usually used in a manner that it compliments the overall theme of the wedding. Who does not adore a cute and beautiful invitation card? But before you hop on the stationery shopping spree, it is always better to make a list and decide your budget. So, let’s begin. Following is a list of wedding stationery essentials that you would require. It is divided into three major categories, so that you can easily navigate among each item.


  1. Before the DAY
  • Save the dates

As the name suggests, save the dates are used by the couple to inform all the guests about the wedding dates and events followed by it, if any. It acts as a soft reminder and helps the guests to clear their schedule so that they plan for the big day accordingly and ensure their participation at the event. If you are marrying during the summer season or on a weekday, the dates are a must as people have either planned holidays during summer or are deeply engaged in their work. Similarly, if you are planning a destination wedding it would help the guests to organize their schedule, pack things, and book flights. Saves the dates require minimal information, the name of the bride and groom alongside the dates would suffice.


  • Wedding invitations

This is the most essential component of the wedding stationery therefore it is important to get this done in the right manner and at the earliest. You can either use a professional wedding stationery service or you can make DIY invitations yourself. There are numerous wedding invitation ideas to choose from. However, any invitation is incomplete without the date, location, time, and accommodation, if any. Send in invitations at least two months prior to the event

A pro tip here would be to add the location map and all other links that you have created for the wedding.


  • RSVP

RSVP cards are a subelement of the wedding invitation. These confirm the presence of the guests that would be coming to the event along with their dietary selections. It is always better to include a return reminder on the card so you can receive them at the earliest and plan the event accordingly. RSVP cards should have a minimum of 4 weeks deadline.


  1. On the Day
  • Seating plan

Seating plans are an effective way to let your guests know about their table and the overall seating plan. Usually, these are displayed at the reception of the venue, and guests are given a table number of their invitation card


  • Place cards

Place cards help the guest navigate to their respective tables and let them know where they will be seated. Place cards also contain the menu selection of the guest so that the server can serve them food accordingly. Often, place cards also have a small quote written on them which includes some words of kindness and appreciation for the guest.

  1. Post Wedding
  • Thank you note

A thank you note is a kind way to appreciate the presence of the guests throughout the wedding. It is important that you write thank you notes once the wedding is over.

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