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Blue Marble – A1 Personalised Selfie Board

With social media becoming more and more integrated into our lives, there are many new trends becoming popular in the world. Selfie frames are one of them. A selfie frame is a recent trend that has gained heightened popularity in the social media world. Essentially, a selfie frame is a cardboard or a foam frame that is designed in a manner that it looks like a social media photo frame /  a picture frame. These frames have become popular due to numerous reasons but largely because people love taking photos of themselves and this is a unique way to capture memorable moments.


A selfie frame is a great way to capture all your wedding photos or at least some of them. Selfie frames come in various sizes that include, A2 420mm x 594mm which is good for 1-2 people, A1 594mm x 841mm which is ideal for 3-4 people, and A0 – 841mm x 1189mm is perfect for larger groups of people. Apart from the sizes, you can also choose the decor of the frame, the colors, and the text written on it. Following are some ideas of how you can design your wedding selfie frames.


  1. Size;

Size is a very important factor when choosing a wedding selfie frame. If you are having a smaller wedding, you might choose a smaller selfie frame that can accommodate two or three people at a time, but if you have a larger event, it only seems logical to have a larger wedding selfie frame for bigger groups of people to fit in.

  1. Style;

You can choose from a lot of different styles. Either you can opt for something that goes with the wedding decor because eventually the frame would be converted into a picture booth so it needs to look good in front of the background or you can choose for something that can, later on, act as a keepsake for the loving memory of your wedding.

  1. Text;

The text on the wedding selfie frame can contain some cute and cheesy lines or the date of the ceremony or something of sorts that glorifies and represents the need for a selfie frame. Additionally, you can add a hashtag on the frame and request all the guests to add pictures on their social media using the hashtag mentioned on the frame. This way you can easily share the photos with each other later on.


Wedding selfie frames are a great idea as it is extremely popular, low cost, and has a high impact. It would keep the guests engaged, I mean who doesn’t love taking pictures. Plus everyone gets to make a cute memory out of the event. You can get a customized frame designed through a graphic designer or you can order one using online sites. Place it in a corner of the wedding venue and let it do its magic!

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