Wedding Welcome Boards/Posters

Floral Welcome Poster Board

Wedding Welcome boards as the name suggests are boards used at the venue to welcome the guests coming in for the event. It is a very functional component of the decor that complement all the arrangements and serves as a warm gesture towards the guests. Usually, wedding boards are placed at larger venues where multiple ceremonies are taking place at the same time. It allows for the guest to distinguish between all the ceremonies happening and arrive at the right venue.


How big a welcome sign should be?

This is an entirely subjective question and can have multiple answers. One answer which can serve as the most apt explanation is that it depends on the size of the venue. For a smaller venue, you do not require a very large wedding welcome board. However, in the case of a larger venue, a bigger-sized wedding welcome board becomes necessary. A bigger board allows for better visibility as people from a distance can also view and read the board. A standard size to follow is 18X24”. This is the most used size. Neither is this too big nor is it too small. It is just the right size that can work in both small and large venues and has an eye-catching proportion.


What should a welcome sign say?

There are numerous ideas with regards to what should be written on a welcome sign. You can follow a few pointers such as “Welcome to our Wedding”, the name of the groom and name of the bride, the date, and a quote/phrase that can add to the vibe of the event.


What materials can be used for a welcome sign?

A few major materials that can be used for a welcome sign include Acrylic, Wood, Chalkboard, Mirror, and Mounted Poster.

Acrylic: This is a great option as you can leave it clear or paint the back of the wedding board with wedding colors. This is the most used wedding welcome board material as it is versatile and has so many different options. You can easily match an acrylic board with your wedding decor.

Mounted poster: mounted posters can be a DIY option as you can get them digitally printed and easily put on the venue.

Wood: wood is a great choice for something aesthetic and authentic. You can paint it, stain it or get something engraved on it as per your choice.

ChalkBoard: If you wanna go classic, go chalkboards. Write it out yourself or get a calligraphy artist, there are many styles to choose from.

Mirror: Mirrors are a fancier and elegant option. Coupled with decent signage, Mirrors can act as great decor.


The great thing about a wedding welcome board is that you can use it as a keepsake as well. You can reuse the wedding welcome board as a home decor once you are done with the wedding. Therefore, choose your welcome board wisely.




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