Wedding Favor Ideas!

Red Rose - Personalised Large Pillow Favour Box

Wedding Favors are small gifts that act as a token of appreciation for the guests. They are given by the wedding couple to all the guests as a “thank you” for coming to the ceremony and celebrating the event with them. They are perceived as a memorable keepsake or a souvenir from the wedding and are warmly welcomed by the guests, especially close ones. It is a tradition that has been passed on since the 16th century that is equally enjoyed by both the hosts and the guests.

There are a number of wedding favors that can be extended to the guests. While it primarily depends on your budget, it also depends on the theme of the event and your relationship with the guests coming to the event. Following is the list of some wedding favors that you can give to your loved ones to make them feel special:


Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a great wedding favor that can potentially remain with your guests for life. Not only would it be an ideal gift, especially for destination weddings it has great utility. A good quality luggage tag would help you win the hearts of all the guests present at the wedding. You can surely get them customized for a more personalized experience otherwise a leather or metal tag with a thank you note would suffice.


Jar Candles

Who does not love a good candle? A jar candle is not only an elegant gift but is praised by everyone. You can match the scent of the candle with the decor of the event and get a quote written on the label. This way they would remember the event and would also feel special. Adding the initials of the couple or date on the label is an equally good idea. However, jar candles are a pricier option and you might want to skip on it if you are on a budget.


Mini-sized SunScreen

Gifts like these are both cute and practical. They can come in handy if you are having an outdoor open-air wedding or if your wedding destination is in a tropical region. All guests would appreciate a sunscreen in a case as such. You can again add a custom label to the bottle that thanks to the receiver and locks away the memory of this beautiful day. Even if the sunscreen inside is finished, the bottle would act as a keepsake on the bedside table or the cosmetics section to keep the memory alive.



Coasters can act as great wedding favor. As they are not too heavy on the budget and are very practical. Additionally, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from. You can also get a custom-made coaster that has a small message or reference to the wedding on it as well.



Usually, wedding favors are usually something that the guest would use over and over. Therefore, giving them a practical gift, such as those mentioned above, can be of great help. You can distribute these on the tables or you can place them at the exit towards the end of the wedding so each guest can pick up their wedding favor accordingly.


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