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Wedding Welcome Boards/Posters

Peach Black Floral - A1 Mounted Wedding Welcome Poster - MyFavours

Wedding Welcome boards as the name suggests are boards used at the venue to welcome the guests coming in for the event. It is a very functional component of the decor that complement all the arrangements and serves as a warm gesture towards the guests. Usually, wedding boards are placed at larger venues where multiple ceremonies are taking place at the same time. It allows for the guest to distinguish between all the ceremonies happening […]

Place Cards & Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor Place Cards

Wedding décor is all about making a statement. The florals, the lighting and the linens might be some of the most important elements of the décor but smaller items such as place cards and escort cards are equally important. The attention to details like these can create a huge difference. They act as a great addition to the overall aesthetics and drastically improve the décor. A place card is used to navigate the guests on […]