Blue Marble – A1 Bridal Contract, Marriage Contract – Funny Agreement for Husband/Wife

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  1. Size : 594 x 841 mm
  2. Here’s a sample of the kind of questions your loved one will have to answer in the contract: 1. The recipient agrees to do one or more of the following chores during the tenure of the contract 
  3. Plan vacations (and pay for them too)
    Cook every Sunday (and alternate Saturdays
    Apologise after every argument (whether you’re right or not)
    Never touch the TV remote in the client’s presence
  4. How long will the term of the contract be:
    Till death do us apart
    Till our first big fight
    I am done already
  5. In case of a major fight between both the parties, how will the recipient woo the client?
  6. The names and signatures can be filled by you and the recipient after receiving the gift.
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