Wedding Table Plan

Table Plan Wedding

Every wedding arrangement becomes meaningless if you can not get your guests seated in a proper manner. Finalizing the seating chart is one of the most important wedding planning tasks. It requires extensive effort and decision making to decide where each guest will be seated. So, let’s start with the basics.

The first step towards making a seating plan is knowing the space. Making a seating plan is almost impossible if you don’t have the correct dimensions or the floor layout with you. Reach out to your wedding venue and ask them for a detailed layout of the area which not only includes the dimensions but doors, location of bathrooms and electric outlets etc. Once you get a hold of the layout, divide the place into sections such as Music, Food and Seating. Choosing right location for each is important. No one wants food to be served next to the bathroom. It goes without saying, but seating would occupy most of the venue space therefore, you need to form an orientation in a manner that three sections are distinct yet connected with each other.

Arranging Your Wedding Seating Plan

Food and music are easy to adjust as they are mostly at the sides or in corners. The real trouble begins when you have to fill in the seating space. Before deciding the seating plan for your guests, it is important that you fill in the space with appropriate tables and chairs so that all guests can be housed in the most optimal manner. This step requires are guest list or at least the number of guests coming to the ceremony. As soon as you have that with you, request for an appropriate amount of furniture accordingly. Make sure to have accommodated all the guests in manner that everyone is comfortable.

After you are done with choosing the tables and chairs, its time for making a seating plan. First and foremost, the bride and groom. The wedding couple seat should be at a place that everyone can see them. You can either have a sweetheart table so that you can eat in peace, avoiding all the family drama or you can join in with them. It’s totally up to you. Moving on, the second-best seats are the ones closest to the bride and the groom. These should be given to parents and close friends. After accommodating all the VIPS, you can then mix the remaining guests into groups of interests such as work, yoga class or school friends etc. Don’t forget to have a kids table where all the kids can hangout while the adults enjoy the boring wedding ceremony. Keeping the kids table close to the parents would be a cherry on top as they would not have to worry about their child and could give you their undivided attention.

Make a Wedding Seating Chart Without Stressing Out

The process of designing a seating plan is tedious and time-taking, making drafts or using digital seating plans can be a great help. Make sure that all the tables are easily accessible and have enough room in between for people to walk. Also, it is always a better idea to seat younger guests near to the dance floor as they are the most energetic ones.



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